Let Us Help You

If You Are

Approaching Retirement

You’ve worked hard saving into your 401(k) or company retirement plan, and now you need to do a rollover to an IRA for growth and income options. Do you have enough to live the lifestyle you would like? Can you supplement your Social Security income sufficiently? We provide a complimentary Social Security income analysis. We can analyze where you are and what steps can be taken to help you maximize what you have in retirement.

Wondering About Investing

Yes, it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? We won’t recommend anything until we have sat down with you and learned about who you are, your goals, and your concerns. Once you are comfortable with our understanding of your needs, we will discuss potential strategies and help you understand your options. There is never any obligation to move forward with our services.

Concerned About Fees

You may currently have financial accounts but be confused about fees and trading strategies. Many times, we help “audit” the programs potential clients may be in and help them make sense of what they have now. We have low, transparent annual wrap fees for our investing programs and do not charge by the hour. Fees can vary depending on the investment program; however, we strive to be competitive while aiming to offer the very best resources and personalized attention.

Wanting Guaranteed Income For Life

Net Financial understands that you may want guarantees when it comes to your retirement income, but you still desire growth in your portfolio. Fixed indexed annuities can help protect you from outliving your assets by generating a guaranteed income for as long as you live while being able to choose interest-crediting options and participate in potential growth.* We prefer to offer our clients annuities with no or very low fees. Talk to us about the option of using a fixed indexed annuity as part of your portfolio.

*The interest you receive, if any, will vary depending on market conditions, crediting strategy allocations, and limitations such as annual spread, participation rate, and/or cap rate. Interest credits, if any, are declared by the company and calculated and credited at the end of the index term period. It is possible that the interest earned may be zero. Guarantees apply to certain insurance and annuity products (not securities, variable, or investment advisory products), including optional benefits, and are subject to product terms, exclusions, and limitations, the insurer’s claims-paying ability, and the financial strength of the issuing insurance company.

Concerned About Asset Protection

What if …? Life happens. Whether it is a disabling event, a hospitalization, aging into Medicare, a need for long-term care, or even death, Net Financial offers insurance products to help protect what you have worked so hard to earn. Don’t let a life event take it all away.

Starting With A New Employer

Rolling your 401(k) into your new employer’s program may not always be the right choice. Rolling it into an IRA that you have more control over, while having many investment options, may be an option to consider. We can put portfolios together that match your goals.
If any of these situations describe you, contact us today to set up a complimentary, no obligation meeting and learn more about how Net Financial can help put you on the right track to retirement.


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